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Join us, Bring actionable tips from the pro’s and start landing more fish.

Fishing can at times be down right frustrating.

Learn how to fish by making calculated decisions using a process of elimination method. The result, no matter what the fishing factors are, you’ll know exactly what to do!

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About Landed Fishing

The best anglers in the world, showcasing their methods and techniques. Easy to follow video lessons will have you on your way to becoming a successful fisherman in no time.

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Fishing… It’s the challenge, thrill and the reward.

The Challenge is to catch more fish and have fun while doing it. That means having at the least, the basic knowledge of how to get around an area safely. Knowing what lures or bait to have with you to provide the opportunity to catch that fish. Knowing tendencies of your target species exhibits and most importantly, not over thinking your day of Fishing.

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The building anticipation while tying that lure on that really gets my blood pumping.

Preparation is key to a successful day of Fishing.

It is knowing or being aware of the tides, weather fronts, wind speeds and location all come into play. Preparing your gear is a an often overlooked, yet vitally important part of a successful trip out fishing and also one of my favorite parts of the fishing trips.

The cast… the technique that takes the most practice.

Knowing where to cast the lure or bait is a big part of catching. Cast is all about control and tempo to make that perfect placement. When sight fishing learning multi ways to cast is key. You don’t want to spook away that fish of a lifetime.

The hook set the adrenalin that gets you hooked on fishing!

There is technique and skill in the hook set but this is certainly the best part! The thrill is when we are fighting that fish. The fear that we might lose it or it could be our personal best ever.

Its that time when we think about nothing but catching that fish.

The reward is that smile that comes out out of each and everyone of us when we land that fish. That’s where Landed Fishing came from. That social media post that you cant wait to get up (and tag us in). Or that mount that you see everyday day in your office. Its the thing about fishing that brings us all together. For that moment we all think the same thing “Wow what a Fish” and all have the same goal to Hook another one.

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Landed Fishing TV brings you some of the most simple fishing styles that catch more fish.

Not every day has the perfect forecast or fishing conditions. We showcase to our viewers, how to fish in a variety of conditions, species and techniques. We provide anglers with the tools and tricks to make the best of every day on the water. We fish in all conditions and teach anglers how to do the same!