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It’s about relationships, and connections we build while out on the water.


Looking for an adventure that combines the thrill of fishing with the breathtaking beauty of nature? Look no further than Landed Fishing! Our passion for fishing is matched only by our love for the great outdoors, and we’re dedicated to helping you experience both in the most unforgettable way possible.

Captain Randall is a long time guide of the waters of South Louisiana. He has a real passion for what he does.

For Captain Randall its not all about catching fish. Its about the relationship and connection he builds with all of his clients while on the water. With that said he is also one of the most knowledgeable captains on the water. Captain Randall also guides the waters of Homosassa and Crystal River, these are some of the toughest waters to navigate in the country. The Connection to both Florida and Louisiana has allowed him to really understand these fish in every environmental condition. 

Captain Randall Shaw is the Host of Landed Fishing TV. Landed Fishing is a travel fishing show where he can test and challenge his skill set in new water all over the country and hopefully one day the world. Captain Randall is also teaches angling tip, tricks and techniques on Landed Fishing TV with his “How To” videos. He is just one of those guys that loves meeting new people and waking up to a new challenge everyday!

Fishing Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Expert Insights

Landed Fishing offers a wealth of information about the different species of fish that inhabit these areas, including the elusive redfish, the highly sought-after speckled trout, and the powerful tarpon. With detailed articles and tips on how to catch these fish, as well as information about their habitat, feeding patterns, and behavior, you’ll be well-equipped to reel in a big one.

But Landed Fishing isn’t just about catching fish – it’s also about learning and having fun. The website offers a range of educational resources, including instructional videos, podcasts, and articles that cover topics such as gear selection, knot tying, and casting techniques.

New Fishing Shows Every Month!

In addition to its educational offerings, Landed Fishing also provides plenty of entertainment value. The website features engaging content, such as photos and videos of successful fishing trips, as well as stories and anecdotes from other anglers in the community.

If you’re an avid angler, you know how important it is to have the right gear, technique, and knowledge to land that next big catch. At Landed Fishing, we provide a wealth of information and resources to help you improve your chances of success on your next fishing trip.

From the best equipment to use for different types of fishing, to tips on reading the water and understanding fish behavior, our website offers a range of articles and resources to help you become a better angler. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, our content is designed to help you improve your skills and increase your chances of landing that trophy fish.

Finding Success out on the water

So whether you’re looking to improve your casting technique, learn how to tie a new knot, or find the best lures for your next fishing trip, Landed Fishing has everything you need to become a more successful angler. With our SEO optimized content, expert product reviews, and thriving community forum, you’ll have all the resources you need to land that next big catch.

It’s only the beginning…

Landed Fishing is not just a niche brand. It’s a diverse fishing brand from salt to fresh showcasing both inshore & offshore species. We cover and reach any angler that fishes.

The Landed Fishing team educates customers how to use each product in many situations, while adding the lifestyle of fishing into everything we produce. We have partnered with some of the fastest growing brands in the marine industry including West Coast Marine (Flats Mafia TV), Mercury Marine, as well as Sea Pro Boats.

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