Year-Round Fishing Tampa Florida Skyway Bridge

Skyway Bridge Tampa Fishing

Year-Round Fishing Tampa Florida Skyway Bridge

Fishing Florida’s Sunshine Skyway Bridge

The Skyway Bridge, officially known as the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, spans Tampa Bay, Florida, and is a well-known landmark for both its architectural beauty and its incredible fishing opportunities.

Year Round Fishing

Spring and summer around Florida’s Skyway Bridge is prime time for anglers.

In spring, you’re looking at a mixed bag – trout, snook, and redfish are all on the menu. It’s like the fish are just as excited about the warmer weather as we are, and they’re hungry.

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Come summer, it’s all about tarpon. These guys are the main event, and trust me, they put up a fight that’s worth the effort.

Let’s Go Fishing

The Skyway Bridge is not only iconic for its picturesque views but also for the saltwater fishing experience that thrives around its structure, including the bridge legs and the lush mangroves at its ends.

The bridge itself, along with the adjacent mangrove-lined shores, provides an ecosystem that supports a wide variety of fish species.

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Catching Grouper Tampa Skyway Bridge
Fishing Skyway Bridge Tampa
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Anglers can choose to fish near the bridge legs, or venture into the mangroves surrounding the bridge for a more secluded experience.

Skyway Pier Fishing Information

Skyway Fishing Pier State Park, built on the old Sunshine Skyway Bridge, stands as the world’s longest fishing pier. This unique spot, open 24/7, allows anglers to park just feet away from their fishing spot, offering convenience and the chance to fish under the lights at night. Catch snook, tarpon, grouper, and more saltwater fish.

World’s Longest Fishing Pier

Pier Hours

24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Entry Fees

$4 per vehicle, plus $4 per adult


4905 34th St. South #5000
St. Petersburg FL 33711


Contact Info

catching Florida Snook Skyway Bridge

Catching Florida Snook in Tampa

Going after snook around the Skyway Bridge is where the fun’s at. Aim for late spring to early fall, especially when the sun’s just rising or setting. These fish hang around the bridge legs and the mangroves.

What’s the best bait for Snook in Florida?

Live bait works well here—think shrimp, greenbacks, threadfins or other small fish. Snook are all about the stealth in shallow waters, darting out to snag their meal. You gotta be sneaky and quick. The fight?

Oh, it’s on. Snook are fighters, using every trick to shake the hook.

Gear up right, stay patient, and the rush of landing a snook? Totally worth it. It’s all about the thrill and playing the game smart.

Watch Episode: Skyway Bridge

In this episode, Captains Randall (FloridaFishingCo) and Dylan @hogsquadfishing  team up for an unforgettable fishing adventure at the Tampa Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

From catching bait to searching for Trophy Snook, join us as we explore the bridge’s rock piles to snag some mangrove snapper. Follow the professional guides as they catch grouper and even sneak a chance at battling the area favorite, tarpon. As conditions change, they navigate to the mangrove-lined coasts, targeting snook and redfish.

Watch Episode: Tampa Snook

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About Fishing the Skyway Bridge

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Home to the Silver King:

The Skyway Bridge area is renowned for its Tarpon fishing, earning it the nickname “Home to the Silver King.” These legendary fish are sought after for their impressive size and acrobatic leaps, making the area a bucket-list destination.

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Bridge Structure Makes an Artificial Reef:

The underwater structure of the Skyway Bridge acts as an artificial reef, attracting saltwater fish. This includes snook, red drum, sheepshead, and mangrove snapper, creating a fishing hotspot year-round.

Record-Breaking Catches:

The waters around the Skyway Bridge have witnessed some record-breaking catches, particularly tarpon, which have been reported to weigh over 200 pounds.

Skyway Fishing Spots Tampa Bay Florida

A Fishing Spot with a View:

Not only is the Skyway Bridge area known for its fantastic fishing, but it also offers anglers incredible views of Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Fishing here provides a unique experience.

Night Fishing Adventures:

The Skyway Bridge is not only a day-time fishing haven; it’s also a popular spot for night fishing. The bridge is illuminated at night, attracting baitfish and, subsequently, larger game fish, offering anglers a unique and productive fishing experience under the stars.

Whether you’re out there at dawn or chilling under the stars, it’s the place to be. Just remember, it’s not just the heat that’s intense – the fishing is too. Gear up and get ready for some action.

Fish SpeciesBest Times to Catch
SnookLate spring to early fall (May-September)
TarponSummer months (June-August)
Red Drum (Redfish)Fall (September-November)
Spotted SeatroutSpring and fall (March-May and September-November)
SheepsheadWinter to early spring (December-March)
Mangrove SnapperLate summer (July-September)
Florida Fishing company
Inshore Fishing Tampa Skyway Bridge Mangroves

Common Fish Species and Best Catching Times


Best Time to Catch: Late spring to early fall (May-September)

Locations: Mangrove edges and bridge legs, especially during early morning or late evening.


Best Time to Catch: Summer months (June-August)

Locations: Open waters around the bridge and mangrove channels. Early morning or late evening is ideal for these majestic fighters.

Red Drum (Redfish)

Best Time to Catch: Fall (September-November)

Locations: Shallow flats near the mangroves and around bridge pilings. Look for them during moving tides.

Mangrove Snapper Fishing Tampa Skyway Bridge

Spotted Seatrout

Best Time to Catch: Spring and fall (March-May and September-November)

Locations: Grassy flats and shallow areas close to the mangroves. Dawn and dusk offer the best opportunities.


Best Time to Catch: Winter to early spring (December-March)

Locations: Around the bridge legs and pilings. These fish are attracted to structures where barnacles and crustaceans live.

Mangrove Snapper

Best Time to Catch: Late summer (July-September)

Locations: Mangroves and bridge structures. They are more active during the late evening and night.

Tampa Fishing Charters

Tampa Florida Fishing Charter


Captain Dylan Rodden
(714) 661-6550

Tampa Florida Fishing Guide


Captain Randall Shaw
(352) 388-1155

Tampa Mangroves Fishing Florida

Skyway Bridge Tarpon Fishing

Fishing for tarpon by the Skyway Bridge in Tampa is a blast if you’re up for a challenge. The best time to catch Tarpon near the Skyway Bridge is from June to August, during the early mornings or late evenings.

They love hanging out around the bridge and the mangrove channels. You’ll want to use live bait like crabs or mullet, or even some shiny lures to grab their attention.

The waters here are perfect for tarpon because they’re deep with strong currents, making for some epic battles. You need to be patient and ready with the right gear. When you hook one, brace yourself for an intense fight; these guys are known for their dramatic jumps and don’t give up easily.

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Pro Fishing Tips:

Skyway Fishing Tips and Techniques


Depending on your target species, you’ll need a variety of gear, from light tackle for trout to heavier setups for tarpon and snook.

Live bait such as shrimp, crabs, and minnows often yield the best results, but artificial lures can also be effective, especially for trout and redfish.

Tides and Weather:

Pay attention to the tides and weather forecasts.

Fish activity often increases during moving tides, and certain species are more active under specific weather conditions.


Protect the areas we fish, practice catch and release when possible, especially for species that are out of season or below legal size.

This helps maintain the health and balance of this incredible fishery.

Some of the Best Fishing Opportunities in Florida

The area around the Tampa Skyway Bridge undoubtedly touts some of the best fishing opportunities along the Florida coast, with a chance to catch species throughout the year.

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