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Captain Ray

A true native of Saint Pete Beach, Captain Ray has dedicated the last 15 years to fishing and diving in the area, becoming an expert in the local marine environment.

Captain Raymond Alexander is at the helm of the innovative fish tagging project operated by the non-profit organization Grayfish Tagging in the beautiful waters of Saint Pete Beach, Florida.

Captain Ray St. Petersburg Florida
Captain Ray, St. Petersburg, FL. Underwater Photographer, Marine Conservationist
Gray FishTag* Gag Grouper, St. Petersburg, Fl

Gray FishTag* Gag Grouper, St. Petersburg, Fl


St. Petersburg, Fl
Tampa, Fl


Redfish, Tarpon, Hogfish, Snapper (variety), Tuna (variety),Grouper (variety)


Inshore, Sight Fishing, Bottom Fishing, Reef Fishing, Wreck Fishing

underwater photography hogfish captain ray st petersburg florida
underwater fish whale shark photography captain ray alexander st petersburg florida

Aquatic Expertise

Captain Ray’s deep understanding and experience with the local sea life, especially Hogfish, Stone Crab, and Tripletail, make him an invaluable guide and resource of information. 

His extensive work in fish tagging the local St. Pete Gag Grouper population has not only contributed to conservation efforts but has also enhanced the knowledge base of the species in St. Pete, establishing him as a leading figure in marine education.

Giant Stone Crab Claws Florida

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A Variety of Marine Adventures:

Starting in September 2024, Captain Ray will be expanding his offerings to include fishing, snorkeling, and sunset charters.

These excursions promise to provide both thrilling experiences and educational opportunities, catering to all levels of adventurers from beginners to seasoned marine enthusiasts.

underwater fish photography captain ray alexander st petersburg florida

Commitment to Education:

He works across multiple schools in the Saint Pete Beach area, focusing on marine education, helping to foster a love for the ocean among students.

The Next Generation of Marine Conservationists

When he’s not guiding tours or conducting research on the water, Captain Ray shares his knowledge with the next generation as a teacher.

The wonder of the ocean, valuable insights into marine life and research with Captain Ray.

Join the Adventure:

If you’re interested in volunteering or learning more about the Saint Pete Beach fish tagging program with Grayfish, you can reach out to Captain Ray. 

Contact him via Instagram @stingray_alexander.

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