Saltwater Fishing

Learn About Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater Fishing Basics: Everything You Need to Know


Learn About Saltwater Fishing

Whether you’re casting off a pier or setting sail offshore, saltwater fishing offers adventure and the chance to catch a wide variety of fish. Let’s dive into the essentials so you can start your saltwater journey with confidence.

At Landed Fishing, we believe in empowering every angler, from beginners to seasoned pros, to improve their fishing abilities and confidence out on the water.

Welcome to the salty side of angling—saltwater fishing.

yellowtail snapper fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

Gear Up

Learn About Saltwater Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

Rod and Reel

You don’t need to break the bank, but investing in quality gear pays off. For beginners, a medium-heavy rod is versatile, handling most inshore species. Pair it with a spinning reel for ease of use.

Line and Leader

Saltwater can be tough on gear. Use a braided line for its strength and durability, typically 20-30 pounds test (dependent on your species). Attach a leader—fluorocarbon is a good choice due to its near invisibility underwater and resistance to abrasion.

Hooks and Tackle

The size and type of hook will depend on the fish you’re targeting. Circle hooks are great for beginners due to their ability to catch in the corner of the fish’s mouth, making catch and release easier.

Know Your Target

Research the species available in your area.

Understanding what you’re fishing for will dictate everything from bait to timing.

Bait Basics

Live bait often yields better results in saltwater environments. Popular choices include shrimp, crabs, and small fish. Keep your bait lively and well-ventilated.

catching baitfish in livewell with ballyhoop net

Fishing Techniques to Try


Perfect for shorelines and piers. Cast your line, let your bait or lure sink, and wait for the strike. Patience is key.


Ideal for larger fish like tuna and marlin. This involves moving your bait through the water behind a moving boat, mimicking injured prey.


Effective around deep structures. Drop your lure to the bottom and “jig” it up and down in a jerky motion to attract predator fish.

Catching Big fish saltwater fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

Timing is Everything

Tides play a massive role in saltwater fishing. Fish often feed more actively during the incoming and outgoing tides. Early morning and late evening are also peak times, especially in warmer months.

Safety and Regulations

Always check local fishing regulations regarding seasons, size limits, and catch limits. And remember, safety first—wear a life jacket, check the weather, and always tell someone your plans.

Practice Catch and Release

Consider practicing catch and release to help sustain fish populations. Handle fish with wet hands and minimize the time out of water.

Saltwater fishing is thrilling and can be incredibly rewarding. With the right gear, a little knowledge, and a lot of patience, you’ll be hauling in your catch like a pro. Tight lines!

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Saltwater Fishing Videos

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Whether you’re a novice or an experienced hand, we have a treasure trove of resources, weekly fishing videos, and helpful guides on to hopefully improve your knowledge, and helping you land more fish.

Saltwater Fishing Tips

Learn About Saltwater Fishing

Beginners Guide to Saltwater Fishing

Even when anglers are prepared fishing can be down right tough. The truth is, nothing outperforms experience, improving foundational skills help improve your decision-making and chances of hooking up with the next big catch.

Freshwater vs Saltwater Fishing

Freshwater and saltwater fishing differ significantly due to their environments and the species they target.

Freshwater fishing occurs in lakes, rivers, and streams and often involves smaller, lighter tackle because the fish species, like bass and trout, are generally smaller and less aggressive than their saltwater counterparts.

Saltwater fishing, on the other hand, can range from calm inshore waters to the open ocean, requiring sturdier gear and often heavier tackle to handle larger, more powerful species such as tuna and marlin.

Techniques also vary, with saltwater anglers frequently employing trolling and jigging to capture their prey, while freshwater anglers might focus more on casting and fly fishing. The two types of fishing offer distinct challenges and thrills, making each appealing in its own right.

Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater fishing takes anglers to the vast oceans, seas, and coastal waters.

The excitement lies in the variety of species that thrive in these environments, from powerful gamefish like marlin and tuna to elusive inshore species such as snook and redfish.

With robust gear and techniques, saltwater fishing offers an unforgettable experience, where anglers can challenge themselves against the might of the ocean and discover the thrill of landing prized saltwater fish.

Freshwater Fishing

Freshwater fishing, anglers explore lakes, rivers, and ponds in search of various freshwater species.

From bass and trout to catfish and panfish, freshwater habitats host an array of fish species.

With lighter tackle and a variety of lures and baits, freshwater fishing is an opportunity for anglers of all ages and skill levels, while engaging in the rewarding pursuit of catching freshwater fish.

Common Saltwater Fish Species

Explore common fishing techniques, saltwater species and habitats for a few of the Gulf Coasts most sought after saltwater fish.

What is the Difference Between Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing

The main differences between saltwater and freshwater fishing lie in the types of habitats, species, and gear used, with saltwater fishing taking place in the ocean, featuring diverse species and requiring more robust equipment to handle the challenging marine conditions.

Learning How to Saltwater Fish

Inshore & Offshore Saltwater Fishing

Offshore Fishing

Offshore fishing involves venturing far out into open waters, usually beyond the sight of land or in deep ocean areas.

This type of fishing targets larger species that inhabit deeper waters, such as tuna, marlin, swordfish, and other pelagic fish.

Offshore fishing often requires specialized boats, equipment, and techniques due to the deeper waters and the need to handle larger and more powerful fish.

It’s a more challenging and adventurous form of fishing, often pursued by experienced anglers and fishing enthusiasts.

Inshore Fishing

Saltwater Inshore fishing, on the other hand, takes place in shallower waters closer to the coast, including bays, estuaries, tidal flats, and nearshore reefs.

Inshore fishing focuses on catching species that inhabit these coastal environments, such as trout, redfish, snook, and flounder.

This type of fishing can be done from the shore, piers, or smaller boats, making it more accessible to a wider range of anglers, including beginners.

Inshore fishing tends to involve lighter tackle and techniques suitable for the smaller fish found in these areas.

Bonita Bait Fish for Goliath Grouper

Landed Fishing Videos

We know that knowledge is the key to unlocking the secrets of successful fishing. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of engaging and informative weekly episodes.

Our seasoned anglers, who possess a wealth of coastal wisdom, share their best-kept secrets and time-tested techniques in each episode.

From tackle tips and bait selection to understanding tides and weather patterns, our episodes are like a compass guiding you towards the ultimate catch.

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