Welcome to the Journey

It’s the challenge, the preparation, the cast, the hook set, the thrill and the reward.

Sometimes fishing can be hard, I understand. I am Captain Randall Shaw, and have been a professional fishing guide for the last 10 years. Operating a full-time fishing charter is a bit more difficult than it looks, because as a professional guide, you need to consistently be on fish or you won’t be guiding for long.

I’d like to welcome you to Landed Fishing, where we provide our audience what I have learned over the years and what enables me to put anglers on more fish and getting hooked up more consistently.

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We regularly publish new content depending on the fishing season and locations. We’ll bring you informative fishing tips, tricks and techniques from the professionals so you can take with you next time you are out on the water.

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Catching Fish is not always easy…

The Challenge is to catch more fish and have fun while doing it. Knowledge of how to get around an area safely, what lures or bait to have and presentation techniques that give us as anglers better opportunities to catch and land more fish.

Effectively prepare for your next fishing trip

Preparation is the key to a successful day of fishing. It’s not only about getting your boat or fishing gear ready and hitting the open water. Establish a plan, pre-setup as much gear and safety equipment as required for your trip, while also spending a little time looking at the days weather activity we will be fishing. It’s something I like to call the days situational awareness and will provide us more time to scout for bait, find that first fishing location or simply the ability to better handle potential obstacles that we will face as anglers.

Learning about the areas you’re fishing and choosing higher opportunity locations should go into your day on the water and as always be safe. Be aware of local tides, current and future wind speeds and direction can have impacts on better fishing positions.

Learn more about the areas you will be fishing

Preparing you gear is a huge part of you day and also one of my favorite parts of a fishing trip. Its the anticipation while tying that lure on that really gets my blood pumping and makes it hard to get to sleep.

Not just tackle, technique contributes a lot to hooking up with more fish

Fishing requires a wide variety of techniques that we need to be comfortable as well as confident in performing, knot tying, knowing how to cast, where to cast and presentation all contribute to the simple art of fishing. They all play a big part of catching.

Casting, control, tempo and placement

The cast is all about control and tempo to make that perfect placement. When sight fishing learning multiple ways to cast can be key. You don’t want to spook away that fish of a lifetime.    

Hook set, now it’s time for the fight

The hook set is the blood pumping adrenalin that gets you hooked to on fishing! There is technique and skill in the hook set but this is the best part!

The thrill is when we are fighting that fish. The fear that we might lose it or it could be our personal best ever. Its that time when we think about nothing but catching that fish.

The reward is that smile that comes out out of each and everyone of us when we land that fish. That’s where Landed Fishing came from. That social media post that you cant wait to get up (and tag us in). Or that mount that you see everyday day in your office. Its the thing about fishing that brings us all together.

For that moment we all think the same thing “Wow what a Fish” and all have the same goal to hook-up with that next one.

That’s Landed and how we started, we want to help you catch more fish by providing you our experiences and time-proven techniques that can help you land more fish.