Marine PPF Screen Protectors and Surface Films

GPS Screen Protectors and Marine Protection Film by Yacht Armor

PPF Screen Protectors and Surface Protection Films

Marine Hull + Display Protection Film

Discover Yacht Armor’s Marine Protection Film (MPF), an 8mil tough and durable solution designed to safeguard your vessel’s hull and electronics.

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Yacht Armor Screen Protection Film

This revolutionary film provides impact resistance, UV protection, corrosion defense, and easy maintenance. It preserves your vessels resale value, saves on costly repairs, and offers a custom fit for a seamless finish.

Protect your investment with Yacht Armor’s MPF and sail with confidence. Contact us today to learn more and schedule an installation.

Say goodbye to annoying glare and hello to precise navigation.

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Marine PPF Screen Protectors and Surface Protection Films

Marine PPF film offers a practical solution for protecting your boat against various elements, extending its lifespan, and maintaining its pristine appearance.

If you’re looking to enhance your boat’s resilience and value, marine PPF can be a valuable investment.

Choosing Gloss or Matte Finishes

The decision for matte or a gloss finish really is personal preference, but as Michael from Yacht armor recommends, if “glare” is a top concern then the “matte” option is what would work best.

choosing matte vs gloss gps screen protection film

Why is Marine Screen Protection so Important?

We spend a small fortune on our electronics and gear, every step we can take to protect it will continue to repay us in dependable operation when you need it most.

Protecting Your Equipment: 

Sun, saltwater, and occasional splashes are no match. Keep your screen readable at all times.


Your fishing trips depend on accuracy. Ensure that your navigation remains unobscured.


Devices are an investment. Protect them to ensure they last for many fishing trips to come.

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Defend Your Vessel

Fishing isn’t just a hobby; it’s a passion. But the open waters, while breathtaking, can be tough on your boat.

From abrasive saltwater to unexpected debris, there are countless ways your vessel can incur damage. But with PPF boat protection film, you can safeguard the high-traffic areas of your boat, hull, electronics and motor.

GPS Screen Protectors and Marine Protection Film by Yacht Armor

Benefits of Surface Protection Films:

Durable Defense: 

Surface protection films help to resists wear and tear from the harshest marine environments.

Enhanced Aesthetics: 

Keep your boat looking pristine. No more unsightly scratches or wear marks.

Investment Protection: 

Boats aren’t cheap. Preserve the value and functionality of your prized vessel and it’s electronics for years to come.

DIY Screen Protector Application

DIY Applying a Screen Protector

Applying Screen Protection Kit – Yacht Armor

Checkout the video for a Step-by-Step Application of Yacht Armor Protection Film

Watch Installation Video Clips

Step 1

Cleaning your Screen

Step 2

Wet the Screen and Squeegee Clean

Step 3

Wet the Back of Film and Apply

Applying Slip Solution to Back of Film

Step 4

Lining up Screen Protector

Step 5

Squeegee Inside Out to Edges

Step 6

You’re All Done! Dry Off Excess Solution

DIY Screen Protector Application

PPF Screen Protectors and Surface Protection Films

Protecting Your Investments

Surface Protection Film: 

We know the pain of witnessing scratches and dents on your boat after an intense fishing trip.

Surface protection films acts as a shield, defending against the everyday environmental challenges faced at sea.

GPS Screen Protector: 

The open waters can be unpredictable. Relying on a scratched or damaged GPS screen isn’t just an inconvenience—it’s a safety concern.

Secure your safety and efficiency with Yacht Armor durable GPS screen protection film.

Boat Protection Film:

Fishing requires focus. Constantly worrying about potential damages to your boat’s hull or motor can be distracting.

Gain peace of mind with our resilient boat protection film.

Go Forward with Confidence

Your time out on the water should be about the thrill of the catch, not the anxiety over potential damages.

Protecting your investments by providing superior protection, so you can focus on what truly matters—landing that next big catch.

PPF Screen Protectors & Marine Protection Film FAQs

PPF film, or Paint Protection Film, is a specialized protective material designed to safeguard boat surfaces from damage caused by impacts, UV rays, saltwater, and other environmental factors.
PPF can be applied to various surfaces on a boat, including the hull, gel coat, outboards, rub rails, and high-traffic areas prone to wear and tear.
Quality made PPF contains UV inhibitors that shield boat surfaces from the harmful effects of UV rays, preventing fading, discoloration, and degradation of materials.
Yes, PPF is easy to clean due to its smooth and water-repellent surface. Regular boat cleaning methods can be used, and dirt, stains, and debris are less likely to adhere to the film.
Yes, PPF can be removed without causing damage to the underlying surfaces. Professional removal is recommended to ensure a clean removal process.
Marine PPF is designed to be nearly invisible, preserving the aesthetics of your boat while providing protection. It comes in various finishes to match your preference.
The lifespan of marine PPF can vary depending on the quality of the film and environmental conditions. High-quality PPF can last up to 5-7 years or more with proper care.
While DIY application is possible, Especially with PPF Screen Protectors, for larger applications however, professional installation is recommended for optimal results. Trained installers ensure precise fitting, reduced waste and seamless application.
PPF film requires minimal maintenance. Regular washing with mild soap and water is sufficient, and waxing the film is not necessary.
No, (PPF) film is designed to maintain the sensitivity of touch screens and other electronic devices. It does not interfere with their functionality.

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