Dock Fishing and Tagging St. Petersburg, Florida

Dock FIshing and Fish Tagging St Petersburg Florida

Dock Fishing and Tagging in St. Petersburg Florida

Unlike the more commonly depicted offshore excursions, the docks along the St. Petersburg shoreline provide fun opportunities for anglers to reel in a variety of species, without heading far from shore.

Dock Fishing St Petersburg Florida

Dock Fishing in St. Petersburg

Dock fishing is an accessible and effective way to fish, making it perfect for visitors and locals alike. The piers and docks in St. Petersburg are strategically positioned along nutrient-rich waters, attracting a diverse range of fish species. It’s an ideal setting for those new to fishing as well as seasoned anglers looking for a convenient spot to cast their lines.

Dock Fishing St Petersburg - Catching Grouper

What Can You Catch?

Anglers fishing from the docks in St. Petersburg have successfully caught a variety of fish, including:

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Known for their fight and size, grouper are a common catch and offer a rewarding challenge for any angler.

catching sheepshead dock fishing st petersburg florida aril 2024


With their distinct black and white stripes, these fish are not only fun to catch but also excellent to eat.

catching big speckled trout fishing st petersburg docks april 2024

Speckled Trout:

A favorite among local fishermen, speckled trout can be found in abundance around the docks.

Caught Orange Tilefish St Petersburg Florida

Orange File Fish:

This less common but beautiful fish made a special appearance in the video, showcasing the unexpected surprises dock fishing can offer.

The video also highlighted some ‘big hits’ — powerful fish that manage to escape before they can be landed. These moments add an element of excitement and challenge to dock fishing, promising adrenaline-pumping action.

Popular Dock Fishing Species

Fish SpeciesBest Bait to Use
SnookLive shrimp, pilchards
RedfishCut bait, live shrimp
Spotted SeatroutLive shrimp, soft plastics
TarponLive mullet, live crabs
SheepsheadFiddler crabs, shrimp
Mangrove SnapperCut bait, live shrimp
FlounderMinnows, small fish strips
Black DrumShrimp, crabs
Jack CrevalleSmall lures, live baitfish

Watch Video: Dock Fishing St. Petersburg

Tagging Fish in St. Petersburg

An interesting aspect of the video is its focus on fish tagging, done in collaboration with Gray FishTag Research. This non-profit organization is dedicated to marine research and conservation. They provide fish tagging kits to anglers, who can then tag the fish they catch and release. This helps scientists gather valuable data on fish migration patterns, growth rates, and habitat utilization, contributing to sustainable fishing practices.

Education is Key to a Successful Fishery

dock fishing grouper fish tagging st petersburg florida april 2024

How to Participate in Fish Tagging

Anglers interested in contributing to this research can participate by:

Getting a Tagging Kit:

These are often available through local bait shops or directly from Gray FishTag Research.

Tagging Caught Fish:

After catching a fish, you can quickly and safely attach a tag provided by Gray FishTag Research before releasing it back into the water.

how to gray fish tagging tampa bay st petersburg florida

Reporting Your Tag:

Each tag has a unique identification number. Anglers are encouraged to report the catch on the Gray FishTag Research website, adding to the valuable research database.

Tips for Successful Dock Fishing

Choose the Right Time: Early morning or late evening are typically the best times for dock fishing, as many fish species are more active during these periods.

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Use the Right Bait:

Live bait such as shrimp or small fish tends to attract more attention from inshore species.

Be Patient:

Fishing requires patience, especially when you’re targeting bigger fish like tarpon or redfish.

Dock fishing in St. Petersburg offers a unique blend of convenience, variety, and excitement for anglers of all levels. With opportunities to catch a diverse array of fish and contribute to marine conservation efforts, it’s an activity that promises more than just a good catch; it’s a chance to be part of a larger community effort supporting healthy and sustainable fisheries.

dock fishing st petersburg florida april 2024

For those interested in seeing dock fishing in action in St. Petersburg, check out the latest video from Landed Fishing, which not only showcases the thrill of the catch but also highlights important conservation efforts through fish tagging with Gray FishTag Research.

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