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Captain Bailey

Exploring the Waters:

A Tale of Adventure
Steinhatchee Florida to Venice, Louisiana

Bailey Griffis, a dynamic and adventurous 23-year-old female, has found her passion in exploring the Gulf of Mexico as a part-time captain for scallop charters in Steinhatchee, Florida, and a full-time deckhand on yellowfin tuna and swordfish charters in Venice, Louisiana.

Bailey’s unwavering love for the sea has led her on exciting journeys, discovering the wonders of these two remarkable coastal towns. Let us delve into the captivating stories of Steinhatchee and Venice, the places where Bailey’s dreams come to life.

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Captain Bailey Griffis


Steinhatchee, Fl, Venice, Louisiana


Redfish, Tarpon, Scallops, Snapper (variety), Tuna (variety),Grouper (variety)


Inshore, Offshore, Bottom Fishing, Trolling

Florida Gulf Coast Scallop Trips

Steinhatchee, Florida Scalloping:

A Hidden Gem of Natural Beauty

Steinhatchee, nestled on the Gulf Coast of Florida, offers a serene escape into nature’s enchantment. This picturesque fishing village, known for its abundant scallop population, boasts crystal-clear waters and breathtaking sunsets. Bailey, with her deep connection to the Gulf, navigates these idyllic waters as a part-time captain for scallop charters.

In Steinhatchee, Bailey has developed a profound understanding of the marine ecosystem, its fragile balance, and the importance of sustainable practices. She shares her knowledge with fellow enthusiasts and visitors, educating them about the conservation efforts necessary to preserve the scallop populations and the overall well-being of the surrounding environment.

Gulf Coast Scalloping

Bailey has become an integral part of the local community, building lasting relationships with her crew, clients, and fellow captains. Her warm and approachable nature has made her a trusted guide, ensuring that everyone who steps onto her boat has an unforgettable experience, be it seasoned anglers or first-time adventurers.

Snorkeling for Scallops Florida Gulf Coast

Captain Bailey Wahoo Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

Venice, Louisiana:
A Thriving Gulf Coast Fishing Hub

Bailey’s thirst for exploration led her to Venice, Louisiana, in 2020, a thriving fishing hub known for its bountiful yellowfin tuna and swordfish populations.

Venice is also the place she now calls home. Working as a full-time deckhand on charters in Venice, Bailey embraces the adrenaline-filled days on the open waters, mastering the art of catching these powerful and elusive creatures.

Venice’s reputation as the “Tuna Town” attracts anglers from around the world, and Bailey has been fortunate to work alongside some of the most experienced captains and crews in the industry. She now works alongside her fiancé, specializing in swordfish charters, with a record of 50+ 200 lb. swordfish under their belt.

Through her dedication and hard work, she has honed her skills as a deckhand, maneuvering the boat, preparing the tackle, and assisting in the exhilarating battles with these magnificent ocean predators.

In this bustling fishing community, Bailey has encountered diverse individuals who share her love for the water. She has developed a deep appreciation for the rich cultural heritage that permeates Venice, with its fusion of Cajun, Creole, and Southern influences. Immersed in this vibrant environment, she has experienced the joy of savoring authentic seafood delicacies and participating in lively festivities that celebrate the region’s unique traditions.

Captain Bailey Redfish Guide

Bailey’s Journey

Bridging Communities and Preserving Nature

Through her experiences in Steinhatchee and Venice, Bailey has discovered the power of connecting communities and preserving nature. She believes that her role as a part-time captain and full-time deckhand goes beyond providing memorable fishing adventures. She strives to inspire others to appreciate the ocean’s beauty and to foster a sense of responsibility towards its conservation.

Whether it’s navigating the scallop-filled waters of Steinhatchee or embarking on thrilling encounters with yellowfin tuna and swordfish in Venice, Bailey’s infectious enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to sustainable practices make her an exceptional ambassador for the marine world.

Looking ahead, Bailey aspires to continue her journey as a dedicated captain and deckhand, exploring new horizons and embracing the challenges that lie ahead. Her love for the sea and her determination to protect it will undoubtedly shape her future adventures, inspiring others to cherish and preserve the magnificent wonders of our oceans.

Captain Bailey - Swordfish Gulf Coast Fishing

Bailey Griffis’ remarkable journey between Steinhatchee, FL and Venice, LA represents the epitome of an adventurous spirit and a deep passion for the ocean.

Through her work, she bridges communities, educates others about the importance of sustainable practices, and fosters a genuine appreciation for the marine world. As Bailey continues to embark on new voyages, her unwavering dedication and love for the water will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on those who share in her extraordinary experiences.

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Florida Scalloping in the Gulf of Mexico
Florida Scalloping in the Gulf of Mexico