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Quick-Turn Digital Production for Your Product, Service or Brand

Working Together to Enhance Your Brand’s Reach

Partner with Landed Fishing and hook into our network of fishing channels and enthusiasts through our multi-channel + multi-format approach. We offer a variety of ways for your brand to connect with our audiences across various platforms.

Are you looking to cast a wider net for your brand in 2024?

But struggle creating consistent and impactful digital content for your channel.

Expand Your Brand

with Quick-Turn Video and Digital Content

Unlock the power of consistent, video content for your brand. Quick-turn video solutions, specifically designed for business owners seeking to reliably create shortform content, elevate their brand presence and engage their audience like never before.

Brand Opportunities

AdSet Packages:

Dive into visibility with our premium display format ads across our flagship platforms, Landed and Fincatchers.

Episode Sponsorships:

Become a part of the story and become a pivotal supporter with bookend logo credits and in-video promotional segments in our weekly episodes.

Brand Partnerships:

For those with a vision that stretches beyond the horizon, our long-term brand partnerships offer a deep dive into multi-format digital content.

Product Reviews:

Let your product be the catch of the day with our dedicated review pages in episode sponsored slots or review videos.

Dynamic Video Content:

From short-form videos like reels, shorts, and stories to long-form episodes and deep-dive topic coverage, dynamic opportunities for your brand.

Custom Editorials:

From info-series how-to articles and support-styled informational content to long-form blogs and guides.

Connect, educate, and engage with our fast-growing community.

Flexible Partnership Packages

2024 Pricing


Here’s how you can make a splash:

Book-End Logo Spots:

Position your brand front and center with logo placements at the beginning and end of our weekly episodes. These prominent spots ensure maximum exposure during peak viewer engagement.

In-Episode Highlights:

Step it up and feature your brand in a 30 to 40-second segment within our episodes, presenting your products or services in action when they are most engaged.

Website and Forum Showcase:

Extend your reach further, build links or improve search by showcasing your brand on our website and on, a new fishing forum and valuable resource for captains and anglers.

Opt for in-depth reviews or editorial features to build credibility and connect with our community.

Traditional Advertising:

Integrate your advertising seamlessly among our rich library of fishing content, with options that range from pre-roll videos to custom sponsored posts and graphic ads and banners, tailored to fit your marketing strategy.

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Quick-turn video and digital content.

Creator services, made for businesses aiming to enhance brand, extend audience reach and boost engagement with consistent, impactful digital experiences.

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sea pro boats
ameratrail boat trailers
suzuki marine outboard motors

Creating months’ worth of video content is not just possible—it’s effortless.

Begin your storytelling journey to a more engaging brand.

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Landed Fishing Youtube Channel
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As anyone that builds online knows, consistency is the real KEY for online growth

Chumming with Ballyhoop Collapsible Nets

Dive into a variety of content creation packages, from entry-level options to comprehensive year-long campaigns, all designed to maximize your brand’s visibility and engagement with targeted, high-quality video content.

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From one-off campaigns to multi year partnerships, we’re excited about the possibilities.

Shortform Video

Quick-Turn, Tailored Content

Ideal for social channels

Local in-town tackle shop or bait stand down by the dock, fishing gear manufacturer , or the local eatery on Anna Maria, we’ve got the perfect video to get your brand noticed.

Longform Video

Target Long Term Visibility and Reach

Long Term Distribution

Marketing packages that are designed with businesses like yours in mind—those eager to make content creation easier and more consistently connect with the community.

Highlight Video

Promote Your Local Venue / Service

Showcase your Guide Service

From shortform edits of your existing existing clips to a complete overview of your operation we’ll work with you to get what you need for growth.

As online communities continue overflowing with information, distinguishing your brand becomes more challenging yet even more critical.

Why Work with Us?

Efficient Production

Fast turnaround times mean your business stays relevant with fresh content.

Brand Consistency

We ensure that every piece of content aligns perfectly with your brand’s voice and vision, keeping your messaging coherent and powerful.

Cost-Effective Creators

Say goodbye to the traditional high costs of video production.

Our model is designed to maximize your budget, making consistent video content creation accessible.

Growth & Scalability

From small projects to large campaigns, our solutions scale with your needs, ensuring you get the right amount of content at the right time.

Get Started Today

Transform your brand’s digital presence with quick-turn video solutions. Start creating consistent, high-quality video content and see the difference it makes for your brand.

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Display Ad Placements

inverted fishing template 300 x 250 edited
Florida Fishing company

In articles, episodes, forums, and many other alternative forms of edutainment (educational + entertainment) content.

chassohowitzka river kayak

This content is yours to use on your channel(s) or collaborate and send it out through ours!

One-Time Services

Project Based Terms

Starting at $350

+ Travel and Add-ons

4 Shortform Videos

Still photography

Page Ad Program Additional*

Limited Availability*

$350 to $500 + Travel*

Perfect for those testing the waters, this package offers 4 short-form videos and still photography to give your brand a splash of visibility for your social channels.

It’s a great way to see the ripple effect of targeted content without a long-term commitment.

3 Month Run

12 Short Form Videos

Starting at $1,400

+ Travel and Add-ons

12 Shortform Videos

1 Longform Video*
Additn’l Fees May Apply

3 Month, Commitment

Still photography

Page Ad Program Additional*

This package is designed to keep your brand swimming in the minds of our engaged viewers over a solid quarter, with additional perks to enhance your visibility.

6 Month Run

24 Short Form Videos

$1,400 per Month

6-Month Voyage:
Charting Success – Approx. $8,500

4 Shortform Videos + 2 Longform Video

6 In Episode mentions + bookend logo credits

6 Month in Episode mentions + bookend Ad Placements, credits

6 Month, Commitment

Still photography

Page Ad Program Additional*

Consistency is key online, and this package promises just that with a mix of short and long-form videos, in-episode mentions, and more.

It’s designed for brands ready to sail the longer journey towards impactful visibility and recognition.

Let’s Move the Needle

Consistency breeds success online, longer term campaigns for bigger impact

collaboration Inverted Fishing Charters

12 Month

48 Short videos

$1,250 per Month

12-Month Expedition:
The Full Voyage – Approx. $15,000

48 Shortform Videos

All Year In Episode mentions + bookend logo credits

12 Month, Commitment

Still photography

Page Ad Program Additional*

Embark on a year-long adventure with us to keep your brand in the spotlight through every season.

This package includes everything you need to maintain a strong, ongoing presence across our fishing community and growing audience.

Search Package

Targeted Content

Starting at $1,800

Focused Intent
+ Travel and Add-ons

Longform, Evergreen Video

Longform editorial topically relevant Page on Landed/ Fincatchers

1 Longform Video*
Additn’l Fees May Apply


Still photography

Profile Page(s)

6 Months Ad Placement

With a focus on targeted content, this package includes one evergreen longform video and editorial content on our platforms, as well as 6 month ad placement. Keeping your brand top of mind for our visitors.

Advertise & Promotions

One-Off Projects

Starting at:
$150 per month

A La Carte Services:
Tailor Your Journey

Short form Video

Search Driven Topic Coverage

Long form Video

Landed Fishing Ad Placement

FinCatchers Ad Placement

Starting at just $150 per month, add on any service to enhance your selected package.

From short and long-form videos to targeted ad placements, customize your marketing efforts to fit your unique brand needs.

captain randall catching largemouth bass lake okeechobee florida Copy

Showcase your brand in the most authentic and engaging way possible.

This isn’t just about being seen; it’s about being recognized as a reliable source in your industry, take advantage of in episode placement, making your brand the go-to for valuable information and in front of every one of our new viewers.

Our Video Services Include

Custom Content Creation

Tailored video content that resonates with your audience and amplifies your brand message.

Strategic Planning

Guidance on how to best leverage your video content for maximum impact across all your marketing channels.

Post-Production Excellence

Cutting-edge editing, animation, and effects to make your videos stand out.

Analytics & Insights

Detailed reporting on video performance to help you refine your strategy and maximize ROI.

Ready to Make Some Waves?

Partnering with us means more than just advertising; it’s about becoming part of a community that lives and breathes the fishing and coastal lifestyle. Together, we can move the needle towards your business goals.

Physicians Gone Fishin YouTube Collaboration

Nationwide Reach


Our Experience, You’re Advantage

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Create Content Specifically for Your Brand for as little as $350

$150 Ad Placement for 6 months

Landed Network

Showcase your brand or offer across our network of active digital channels

Landed Fishing Gear, Tackle Reviews and TV Episodes

Active Channels

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Let’s navigate the waters of success together!

Contact us today to tailor a partnership that best suits your brand’s needs and goals

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Want to Partner with Us?

Monthly content for your brand or a more advanced online strategy, that’s where we can help. Content with a purpose, that doesn’t just attract but deserves attention through its credibility and value.

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