Landed Fishing for Inshore Saltwater Fishing Enthusiasts

Introducing Landed Fishing

Landed Fishing Launches Comprehensive Platform for Inshore Saltwater Fishing Enthusiasts

Date: May 16, 2023

Gulf Coast Fishing: – Landed Fishing, the newest hub for inshore saltwater fishing enthusiasts, is excited to announce the launch of its comprehensive online platform at Designed to serve as a one-stop resource for both seasoned and novice anglers, Landed Fishing offers a wealth of new fishing videos, informational content, angling insights, and tools to enhance the inshore fishing experience.

Saltwater Fishing Experience, knowledge and Information

Landed Fishing’s mission is to provide a dynamic and interactive resource for anglers of all skill levels. The platform is designed to bring together a community of passionate individuals who share a love for inshore saltwater fishing. The goal is to enable users to exchange knowledge, experience, and stories about their angling adventures.

“We are thrilled to introduce Landed Fishing to the angling community,” said Captain Randall Shaw Jr, Founder of Landed Fishing. “We aim to inspire, educate, and enhance the inshore fishing experience by providing a wealth of information and resources across multiple digital channels. We believe that fishing is not just about the catch, but also about the experience of learning and often overcoming adversity in challenging situations.”

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Landed Fishing features include:

Educational Resources:

A wide range of tutorials, articles, and guides provide anglers with the knowledge they need to improve their inshore saltwater fishing skills. Whether you’re learning the basics or refining advanced techniques, Landed Fishing has you covered.

Community Engagement:

Landed Fishing encourages users to interact, sharing their own fishing experiences, stories, and photos. This interactive community is a supportive and fun environment for fishing enthusiasts that spans multi-channels including social, email and our website.

Up-to-date Information:

From the latest fishing updates from in and around the Gulf Coast, Landed Fishing aims to provide helpful fishing information that keeps users informed to help plan their next fishing trip.

Product Recommendations:

Landed Fishing reviews and recommends the best gear and equipment for inshore fishing, helping anglers make informed decisions.

Introducing Landed Fishing

Landed Fishing invites you to join our community, connect with us online, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, Sign Up for our Newsletter and begin exploring the wonderful world of inshore saltwater fishing.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, Landed Fishing is your go-to platform for all things inshore fishing.

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About Landed Fishing

Landed Fishing is a comprehensive online platform dedicated to inshore saltwater fishing. With a strong commitment to community, education, and environmental stewardship, Landed Fishing provides a wealth of resources for anglers of all skill levels. Whether it’s learning new techniques, sharing fishing stories, or keeping up-to-date with the latest regulations, Landed Fishing is the go-to resource for fishing enthusiasts.


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