How to Use Sea Pro Live Wells for Saltwater Fishing

Sea Pro Livewell System

How to Use Sea Pro Livewells

Sea Pro Livewells for Saltwater Fishing

Sea Pro Live Wells:

Sea Pro live wells are a popular choice among anglers and boat owners for keeping fish alive and healthy during fishing trips. Live wells are essential for storing caught bait fish as well as landed fish needing to keep live for a longer duration. Sea Pro offers both standard and pressurized live well systems, each with its own advantages and considerations.

Common Livewell Setup & Configuration

Size and Capacity:

Sea Pro live wells come in various sizes, typically ranging from 20 to 50 gallons.

Choose a size that suits your boat and fishing needs, keeping in mind the number and size of fish you expect to catch.


Live wells feature a simple plumbing setup. They are equipped with an intake hose connected to a through-hull fitting, which allows water to enter the live well.

The outflow is usually gravity-fed or controlled by a pump and discharge hose that returns water back into the water body.


Proper aeration is crucial to maintaining oxygen levels in the live well. Water aerators or air stones that release bubbles into the water, promoting oxygen exchange.

These systems can be connected to a 12-volt power source or boat's battery.

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Sea Pro Livewells: Reliable Solutions for Saltwater Anglers

Sea Pro livewells are excellent for saltwater fishing. Their durability, efficient water circulation, and reliable pressurization systems, designed to withstand the harsh marine environment. Boat Livewells help anglers maintain fish health by providing optimal oxygenation and water quality, ensuring a successful and sustainable saltwater fishing experience.

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Pressurized Live Well Setup & Features:

Enhanced Water Flow in Livewell:

Pressurized live wells offer an upgrade over standard systems by providing increased water flow and a higher level of oxygenation.

They use a pump and plumbing setup similar to standard live wells but employ a pressurization system to maintain water circulation.

Pressurization Pump:

Sea Pro pressurized live wells feature a dedicated pump that pressurizes the water within the live well, creating a more efficient flow and oxygenation.

This constant circulation helps prevent fish from becoming stressed and improves their overall health.

Livewell Release Valve:

Pressurized live wells have a release valve to adjust the pressure inside the system.

It allows you to regulate the flow of water and control the oxygen levels based on the specific needs of the fish species you are keeping.

Seapro Livewell How to Use and Setup

Tips for Using Sea Pro Livewell Effectively:

Livewell Water Oxygenation:

Monitor the oxygen levels regularly, especially in standard live wells. Increase aeration during hot weather or when storing a larger number of fish. Sea Pro live wells provide accessories like aerators and air stones to help maintain oxygen saturation.

Minimize Stress:

Handle the fish with care to minimize stress and injury. Keep the livewell shaded and avoid sudden temperature changes. Consider using live well covers or nets to prevent fish from jumping out.

Boat Livewell Cleaning and Maintenance:

Regularly clean and maintain your live well to ensure its optimal performance. Flush the system with fresh water after each use, remove any debris, and sanitize the live well to prevent bacterial growth.

Remember to follow local fishing regulations and practice ethical fishing by releasing undersized or unwanted fish.

Here are a few more tips to consider:

Avoid Overcrowding Livewell:

Overcrowding the live well can stress and harm the fish. Be mindful of the recommended capacity for your live well and avoid exceeding it. If you catch more fish than your live well can accommodate comfortably, consider releasing some or using additional storage options like coolers with aerators.

Preparing the Livewell in Advance:

Before your fishing trip, make sure to prepare the live well by filling it with fresh, clean water and allowing it to circulate for a while. This will help remove any potential contaminants and ensure that the water is adequately oxygenated before introducing the fish.

Regularly Inspect the Plumbing:

Check the plumbing connections and hoses of your live well regularly to ensure there are no leaks or blockages. Any leaks can lead to a loss of water and compromise the well-being of the fish. Clean or replace clogged filters to maintain proper water flow.

Familiarize Yourself with Sea Pro Livewell Features:

Sea Pro live wells may come with additional features and controls. Take the time to understand how these features work and how they can benefit your fishing experience. Read the user manual provided by Sea Pro for detailed information on your specific live well model.

By following these tips and guidelines, you can ensure the well-being of the fish you catch and enhance your fishing experience with Sea Pro live wells.

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