FXR Safety Rain Gear

FXR Floating Rain Gear

Nothing worse than get wet when fishing. Having Rain Gear for Fishing is a must but not all rain gear keeps you dry. The last thing you want to do is buy expensive Rain Gear to find the zippers or pockets leak. In this video Captain Randall Shaw of Land Fishing will guide you to the best we have found. He has tried over six different brand with some of the biggest brand being the worst in rain Gear for Fishing.

FXR Rain Gear is has the best technology in gear on the market. Join Landed Fishing at ICast as they talk with the team for FXR Fishing.

The jacket and bib pants are designed to work together as a system for those anglers who demand total confidence out of their gear. Built to take on the extreme and harsh environment from fresh water to saltwater and from inshore to offshore, this Rain Gear has you covered!