Breton Sound Finding Fish Against The Odds

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  Gulf of Mexico Fishing: We Explore and Fish Breton Sound, Island and Surrounding Marsh Areas in Search of Inshore Saltwater Fish Home Episodes Breton Sound Fishing Fishing Breton Sound: A Paradise for Anglers in the Gulf of Mexico Located in the Gulf of Mexico, Breton Island offers anglers a true paradise for fishing enthusiasts. With its diverse marine ecosystem and abundant fish species, it has become one of the top destinations for anglers seeking thrilling adventures and bountiful catches. … Continue reading “Breton Sound Finding Fish Against The Odds”

Sight Fishing Black Drum: Gulf Coast

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Sight Fishing Black Drum Sight fishing Black Drum is an incredible adventure that tests your on-the-water knowledge and angling skills. It involves stalking the fish in shallow waters, making a perfect cast, and experiencing their explosive strikes and acrobatic fights. It’s a memorable experience for both experienced and novice anglers.

Blackened Redfish Recipe: Catch Clean Cook

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Blackened Redfish: Catch, Clean & Cook Join Landed Fishing as we explore Louisiana’s coastal inshore waters in search of the perfect catch. Watch as we hook and reel in the prized Blackened Redfish, before taking you through the process of cleaning and cooking this delicious delicacy. With our expert tips and tricks, you’ll be able to recreate this Cajun-style dish in your own kitchen. Don’t miss out on this exciting fishing adventure, right here and on our YouTube channel. Watch … Continue reading “Blackened Redfish Recipe: Catch Clean Cook”

Catching Cobia in the Gulf of Mexico on Oil Rigs

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Catching cobia on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico! The Gulf of Mexico is known for its rich and diverse marine life, and cobia are one of the most exciting species to target. Cobia are known for their hard-fighting and aggressive nature, making them a thrilling catch for any angler. But, to catch these elusive fish, you need to know where to find them, what gear to use, and how to fish them effectively. Watch Video: Catching Cobia in … Continue reading “Catching Cobia in the Gulf of Mexico on Oil Rigs”