Catching Redfish

Secrets to Catching Redfish

In this video we will help to make better choices, find opportunities and catch redfish more often!

• Redfish Lure Selection
• Ideal Redfish Locations
• Proper Presentation

Inshore fishing can be a lot of fun, but it's also hard work. But there are some tricks that will make your day infinitely more productive! In this video I share three tips and lures guaranteed to help you catch 10x as many redfish.

Artificial Lures for Redfish

1. First, use artificial lures rather than live bait. This may seem counterintuitive, but redfish are far more likely to strike at a lure than they are at live bait. Plus, using artificial lures is much more environmentally friendly.

Finding Redfish in Shallow Water

2. Second, fish in shallow water. Redfish tend to congregate in shallower waters, so you're more likely to find them there.

Try Different Lures & Presentation for Catching Redfish

3. Finally, don't be afraid to try new things. Redfish are creatures of habit, so they'll often strike at the same lure or bait day after day. But if you switch things up occasionally, you may be surprised at how many more fish you catch.

3 Tips to Help You Catch More Redfish

So, there you have it - three tips guaranteed to help you catch 10x more redfish. Try them out the next time you're on the water, and you'll see just how effective they can be. Looking to catch more red drum? This video has some secret tips that will help you land 10x more fish! Learn the best way to use a spoon lure, where to find saltwater redfish, and what bait works best.

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